Small Works

2022 Public Works Small Works Contracts

Contract Bid Submittal Deadline Contract Information
2023 Small Works Guardrail September 13, 2023 @ 1:30PM Link

2019-2022 Facilities Awarded Contracts

Contract Awarded to Contract #
On-Call Electrical Services Coburn Electrical Inc. C00422
Courthouse First Floor Asbestos Abatement Pacific Northwest Environmental, LLC C00322
Pioneer Center 2nd Floor Restroom Floor Covering Replacement Oliver Floor Covering C22721
Snow Removal in the Goldendale J&S Enterprises C20921
Snow Removal in the White Salmon Dirt Works Unlimited, LLC C20821
Courthouse East Entrance Stucco Northwest Natural Homes C20721
Klickitat County Courthouse HVAC Replacement All Seasons Heating &
Air Conditioning Inc.
Pioneer HVAC Replacement All Seasons Heating &
Air Conditioning Inc.
Klickitat County Fair Board Office Foundation Project Mission Construction C17621
2021 Guardrail Repairs Frank Gurney, Inc C12321
Rolling Door Operator Replacement for the Klickitat County Jail 2021 Southern Folger Contracting, Inc C09021
Hazardous Waste Removal Hick's Property Tri-Valley Construction, Inc C08021
Klickitat County Jail Control Eq Rm HVAC Project 2021 All Seasons Heating &
Air Conditioning Inc.
Roosevelt Grade Drainage Upgrades Project James Dean Construction, Inc C06421
Hazardous Material Testing and Audit for the Hick's and Forbes Property Advantage Environment, Inc C03621
Klickitat Fire District 12 HVAC Replacement Project 2021 All Seasons Heating &
Air Conditioning Inc.
Juniper Point HVAC Replacement Project All Seasons Heating &
Air Conditioning Inc.
2021-2021 Klickitat County Snow Removal (Pioneer Center) M&M Excavating C32920
2020-2021 Klickitat County Snow Removal (Goldendale) M&M Excavating C32820
Pioneer Center Roof Replacement Project Maher Roofing C27420
Sheriff's Storage Drywall Finishing Project Jose's Drywall C23220
Sheriff's Storage Painting Project Master Craft Coatings C23120
Oak Street Widening, CRP 351 Mission Construction, LLC C21020
Jail Intercom Repair Project Advanced Security & Electrical Technology C19720
County Generator Service Contract 2020-2022 Pacific Power Group, LLC C14520
HVAC Service Contract 2020-2022 DIVCO Inc. C14420
Klickitat County Radio Tower Electrical Repair Contract Day Management Corp  C13020
Klickitat County City Sidewalk Replacement Project Mission Construction C08520
Klickitat County Courthouse Electrical Service Upgrade Project Coburn Electric, Inc C05920
Klickitat County Airport Fuel Tank Upgrade Project Mission Construction C05320
Klickitat County Fairgrounds Large Exhibit Room HVAC Project All Seasons Heating &
Air Conditioning Inc.
Klickitat County Courthouse Boiler Repair Project Cole Industrial, Inc. C05020
Klickitat County Courthouse Basement & Annex 2 Asbestos Abatement Summit Environmental Inc. C03920
Janitorial Service Contract 2020-2022 Mountaindale Maintenance C03820
Fire Alarms Test and Inspection Felton Fire Service C02820
BZ Glenwood Hwy - Glenwood Hwy Terminal Repair Columbia River Contractors C01620
Klickitat County Annex Bldg Hazardous Materials Testing & Audit Sun Pacific Services C00220
KC Small Exhibit & WSU Rooms HVAC Unit Upgrade All Season's Heating & AC C21019
Snow Removal for 2019-2020 County Parking Lots J & S Enterprises C20919
2019-2020 Klickitat County Snow Removal for the PC Rod Roeder C20819
KC Fairgrounds Entrance 2019 Schuepbach Builders C19119
Spring Creek Slide Repair - Guardrail  Columbia River Contractors Inc C16719
KC Indoor Arena Rollup Door Project Overhead Door Yakima C10919
KC Sheriff's Office Security Upgrade Project 2019 HWH Construction C03619
KC Sheriff's Office Roof Top Unit Project Divco C03519
KC Sheriff's Office Area Asbestos Abatement 2019 Pacific NW Environmental, LLC C02519
On Call Electrician Services 2019-2020 Coburn Electric Inc. C01919

2023 Small Works Roster: 

 Small Works Roster (in "pdf" Adobe format)