Document Requests

The Clerk's Office offers two ways to obtain access to publicly available court records: 1) through the Washington State Digital Archives, or 2) in person through the Clerk's Office.


If you are looking to purchase copies of documents filed, access through the Washington State Digital Archives is available. Please see the instructions below as to how to locate and search for your case.

  • On the home page, where you have three search options: "Search by Name," "Case Number or Keyword," or "Detailed Search," go to Detailed Search.
  • Under the dropdown for "Select a Collection" choose Superior Court Cases.  
  • Enter the Case Number with dashes (xx-x-xxxxx-xx).  If you aren't sure of the case number in question, please visit the Odyssey Portal to obtain that information.
  • Under Record Series --> Title Name, hover over the words "Klickitat County Superior Court Files, 2000-2023."  It should highlight in yellow; proceed to click anywhere in the yellow.  Your case should now appear.
  • Once your case appears, you may select which documents you would like to purchase.  To preview the documents you've selected and to verify they are what you are looking for, click the page/magnifying glass found in the "Image Exists" column (far right).
  • After you've selected which documents you would like, click "Add to Cart" and continue with the checkout process.

** Please note.  When selecting the type of document you would like to purchase, please be aware there are two options: certified and non-certified.  Non-certified documents are available for download as soon as they have been purchased; certified documents will be mailed to the address provided at the time of check out, our office does not have the ability to electronically certify documents.  Payments made through Digital Archives cannot be refunded.


You may obtain physical copies of certified or non-certified copies of publicly available court records by visiting our office during business hours.  The price for non-certified documents is $.50 per page; the price for certified copies are $5.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page thereafter (RCW 36.18.016(4)).  If you are needing copies mailed, we may assist with that, but there will be a fee assessed for postage (tbd).