Klickitat County invites you to learn more about a new innovation that might make your job a little easier; we now offer the only Clean Energy Development Zone in the nation. We have spent three years and close to a half million dollars on Avian Studies, Wind Maps, Solar Maps and working within our community with one thing in mind: bringing renewable energy business development to Klickitat County. Find out why Blue Sky means Clean energy business in Klickitat County.

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Klickitat County. We're home to SDS Lumber, Mercer Ranches, Insitu, Maryhill Winery and other blue sky entrepreneurs. Why?
Among other things we offer:
  • Shovel Ready Industrial Sites
  • Ready Work Force
  • Major Transportation Route Access
  • Rural Economic Development Assistance
  • Strong Wood Product, Technology, Clean Energy and Wine Industry Support
  • Oh, and we're just 60 'no-traffic' minutes from Portland, Oregon in the heart of the beautiful Columbia Gorge
  • Find out why Blue Sky means business in Klickitat County

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