Senior Advisory Board


District 1 

  • Shelley Baxter - White Salmon
  • Ruth Shafer - White Salmon
  • Gavin Carmichael - Husum

District 2

  • Anita Wellenbrock - Glenwood
  • Linda Davis - Dallesport
  • Cindy Bluemel - Lyle
  • David Christian - Lyle

District 3 

  • Terra McLeod - Goldendale

About the Board

The Senior Services Advisory Board is appointed by the county commissioners. Nine members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and have at least two members for each commissioner’s district. At least 51% of the Advisory Board Members must be over 60 years old.

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to represent the interests of the senior citizens of Klickitat County, and to assure that proper program planning, budgeting, administration and evaluation are carried out for the best interest of the Klickitat County senior citizens.

The Advisory Board:

  1. Provides advice and guidance in program and policy matters to the Director of Senior Services and/or to the Board of County Commissioners at their request.
  2. Acts as advocates for all senior citizens of Klickitat County and for the programs which serve them.
  3. Provides input and review of the annual budget of Senior Services.
Advisory Board currently meets the 1st Friday of each month at 10:30am at rotating locations in Klickitat County.  

Klickitat County Senior Advisory Board Meetings for 2023.  

  1. January 6th   Pioneer Center White Salmon (501 NE Washington Street, White Salmon)
  2. February 3rd  Goldendale Administrative Services Building--Mt. Adams Room (115 W Court Street, Goldendale)
  3. March 3rd   Dallesport Community Center (136 6th Avenue, Dallesport)
  4. April 7th Pioneer Center White Salmon
  5. May 5th Goldendale Administrative Services Building--Mt. Adams Room
  6. June 2nd  Dallesport Community Center
  7. July 7th  Pioneer Center White Salmon
  8. August 4th Goldendale Administrative Services Building-Mt. Adams Room
  9. September 1st Dallesport Community Center
  10. October 6th  Pioneer Center White Salmon
  11. November 3rd Goldendale Administrative Services Building-Mt. Adams Room
  12. December 1st Dallesport Community Center