Zone 2

Zone 2 is determined by slope of land and type of vegetation.

The size of the Zone 2 defensible space is determined by the kind of natural vegetation and the slope of the land. A steep slope calls for a wider perimeter than a flat area. A grassy area with only a few trees and shrubs calls for a smaller perimeter than an area dominated by shrubs and brush. The following table will help you determine the recommended distance from your structure for Zone 2 defense measures.

Zone 2 Defensible Space: Vegetation & Slope Matrix

Vegetation and Slope Matrix
To determine the slope of land around your home, use the Slope Guide tool below.

Degree of Slope Estimator

Degree of Slope Estimator

Zone 2 Defense Measures

  • Remove dead trees, dead shrubs and accumulated dead wood
  • Thin out trees growing close together. Fewer trees mean less fuel for the fire.
  • Remove highly flammable ladder fuel shrubs and brush such as juniper, arborvitae, mugo pine, bitterbrush and sage.