Public Works

  1. Road Closure and Storm Supplies

    Road Closures/ Updates in Glenwood Area and Storm supplies are available to the public. Read on...
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Public Works is a multi-faceted department including:

Buildings and Grounds

Buildings and Grounds has the responsibility for the oversight, maintenance, and operations of all the County building facilities such as the Courthouse, Annex’s, Pioneer Center, Jail, Fairgrounds, Parksand the surrounding grounds.


The Road Department is responsible to oversee the County’s Bridge and Road network. Engineers plan for Future Road Construction Projects, maintain and operate the transportation infrastructure. The department is charged with managing the infrastructure in accordance to RCW’s and WAC’s and the “Standards of Good Practice”.


The management of the internet mapping application Interactive Mapping Program and mapping through the Public Works department to distribute the County’s digital information used by internal County departments and citizens of the community.

Our commitment is to manage all aspects of each department cohesively for the benefit of the Public and County employees.