Drop-Off Containers for Remote Communities

A large, white recycling drop-off container.
Curbside recycling service is not the best alternative for many people in Klickitat County. In an effort to reach a greater number of people, and to make recycling in general more convenient, we have placed drop off recycling containers in communities located long distances from the transfer stations.

Container Locations

  • Alderdale (no glass)
  • Bickleton near the grange (no glass)
  • Bingen near the city public works shops
  • BZ Corners at the transfer station
  • Dallesport at the transfer station
  • Glenwood at the school (no glass)
  • Goldendale at the transfer station
  • Roosevelt at the landfill

Using the Containers

It is important to separate glass from all other recyclable materials. The containers at these locations either have separate containers for glass and other materials or one container with separate compartments for glass and other materials.

The glass containers have compartments for segregating glass by color (clear, brown and green).

The mixed recyclable containers/compartments are for flattened cardboard, paper, tin/aluminum cans and plastic beverage containers.

You can help us out by doing a couple things:
  • Flatten all boxes
  • Put loose paper in paper bags or use clear recycle bags obtained from the nearest transfer station or at Bingen/White Salmon city offices.
The containers are swapped out on an as needed basis which isn't always on a predictable schedule. If you notice the container is nearly full please call 509-773-5825 or 800-275-5641 and let us know.

Curbside service is available at no charge for households throughout the county.