Storm Drain Stencils

A storm drain stencil that reads, "Dump no waste, drains to river."
If you would like to organize a storm drain stencil activity in your community give us a call at 509-773-4448. Klickitat County Solid Waste has storm drain stencil supplies that are available to service groups and organizations. Activities must be approved by your local city.

Why Stencil?

  • It's not just industry that pollutes! It's all of us! According to the EPA, over 60% of our water pollution comes from urban and agricultural stormwater runoff (non-point source pollution).
  • Stenciling next to storm drain inlets alerts others to the fate of runoff water and the materials carried with it from lawns and streets.
  • The message is highly visible and discourages would-be dumpers.
  • Most storm drains are not connected to sewer treatment systems. In most communities, whatever enters the drain will end up in the nearest river without benefit of treatment.
  • Storm drain stenciling promotes stormwater pollution prevention from used oil, antifreeze, paints, cleaners, lawn and garden chemicals, pet droppings and litter flushed down storm drains.

How to Apply Storm Drain Stencils

Ready to begin with tools ready.

Tools Required

  • Broom
  • Cardboard windbreak
  • Duct Tape
  • Latex Glove
  • One plastic bag for each stencil (used for transporting stencils with wet paint accumulation).
  • Safety Cone
  • Stencil
  • Water Base Traffic Marker Spray Paint
Sweep rocks and dirt from surface to be painted.

Step 1

Brush or sweep the stencil site to remove dirt and rock.
Anchor stencil to pavement, so it can be read from street.

Step 2

Place stencil so it can be read from the street. Tape stencil to ground. Try to get stencil to lay as flat as possible. Avoid blocking stencil lettering with tape. Place safety cone next to stencil so vehicles will not run over the stencil.
Applying second coat of paint.

Step 3

A sleight wind will causes paint to drift.
  • Use a wind break during application. For best results your wind break should be about one inch smaller than the stencil.
  • Use only water base traffic marker paint.
  • Use a spray can or a spray applicator.
  • Avoid getting paint in the storm drain.
Wait between spraying coats of paint.

Step 4

Apply paint in two light coats allow at least 10 to 20 minutes between applications. Take care to avoid excess paint oozing under the stencil.
A storm drain stencil that reads, "Dump no waste, drains to river."

Step 5

Cleanup. Place each stencil in a plastic bag for transportation. To remove paint, remove stencil from plastic bag, lay flat and allow to dry for one to two weeks. Dry paint will flake off. Return stencils, paint and support tools to Klickitat County Solid Waste, 131 W Court Street, in Goldendale. For more information call 509-773-4448.

What Else Can We Do?

In Klickitat County households can dispose of hazardous wastes, free, at the transfer stations located in BZ Corners, Dallesport and Goldendale, or at the Roosevelt landfill.