Child Victims' Rights

Child Crime Victims' Bill of Rights: RCW 7.69A.030

In addition to the rights provided for all crime victims and witnesses, the Klickitat County Prosecuting Attorney's Office will make reasonable efforts to ensure the following rights for child victims of child abuse, violent, or sex crimes and witnesses under the age of 18:
  1. To have legal proceedings and legal investigations in which the child is involved explained in a language easily understood by the child.
  2. To have, whenever practical, a victim advocate present at prosecution or defense interviews and at judicial proceedings.
  3. To be provided, whenever practical, with a secure waiting area during court proceedings and to have an advocate or support person remain with the child prior to and during court proceedings.
  4. To not have the names, addresses or photographs disclosed to any agency outside the criminal justice system without the permission of the child or the child's parents or guardians.
  5. To allow an advocate to make recommendations to the prosecuting attorney about the child's ability to cooperate with prosecution and the potential effect of the proceedings on the child.
  6. To allow an advocate to provide information to the court regarding the child's ability to understand court proceedings.
  7. To be provided with appropriate referrals to social service agencies to assist the child and/or the child's family with the emotional impact of the crime, investigation, and judicial proceedings.
  8. To allow an advocate to be present in court while the child testifies.
  9. To provide information to the court as to the need for the presence of other supportive persons during the child's testimony to promote the child's feelings of security and safety.
  10. To allow law enforcement to enlist the services of other professional personnel such as Child Protective Services, victim advocates or prosecution staff trained in the interviewing of child victims.
  11. To receive, either directly or through the child's parent or guardian, a written statement of the rights of child victims, including the name, address, and phone number of a county or local crime victim/witness program.