Request a Record

You may request disclosure of public records by completing the Klickitat County Request for Disclosure of Public Records (PDF). Please identify the Department or Elected official you are requesting the records from. Complete Section A and submit the form to the appropriate County department or to the Public Records Manager listed above.

Within five days of receipt of the request, the County will either: (1) provide the record(s); or (2) deny the request; or (3) acknowledge the request and provide a reasonable time estimate for the response. The County will charge a fee of 15 cents per copy plus the cost of mailing. Payment is required before copying or mailing.

Pursuant to WAC 44-14-01001, Court records are not subject to this Act. Access to these records is governed by court rules and common law. Most of these court records are open to the public and easily accessible through the Clerk's Office. For further information, please contact the Clerk's Office at 509-773-5744. Reasonable charges may apply.

Common Records Retention Schedule

View the Common Records Retention Schedule.