Food Safety

The food safety program is focused on promoting and protecting the health of consumers who dine out at local food retail establishments. As the local regulatory authority on retail food operations, we conduct inspections, enforce rules & laws, and maintain a strong enforcement program.

There are many ways to get foodborne illness, but the most important aspect of food safety is the worker and having active managerial control in the food establishment. As a food worker, educating yourself is the easiest way to prevent foodborne illness. All food workers who serve unpackaged food or beverages must have a valid Washington State Food Worker Card to work at any food establishment. To get a card, take the online food safety training course, pass the test, and pay a $10 fee. You can take an online here https://www.foodworkercard.wa.gov/.

CAUTION: Other websites (usually .com sites) do not issue valid Washington Food Worker cards, but they will take your $10.00.

Additional Food Training: Normally, Washington State food worker cards that are renewed are valid for 3 years from the date of issuance. However, a food worker may be granted a renewal card valid for 5 years, if the food worker documents that they have attended "additional food safety training" within the past 2 years.

Even with this additional training, a food worker must also successfully complete the required food worker card training and exam to renew the card. "Additional food safety training"(CFPM) doesn't replace the required Washington State food safety training class or exam.  You also must be able to prove completion of an approved course to receive a 5-year card. 

You can get more information about additional food safety training, including a list of approved training courses, from this website: https://anabpd.ansi.org/Accreditation/credentialing/personnel-certification/food-protection-manager/ALLdirectoryListing?menuID=8&prgID=8&statusID=4

Billions of bacteria are naturally found in the environment we live in. Not all are pathogenic. When certain pathogens enter our food supply chain, they may cause illnesses. Most foodborne illnesses are preventable with simple reminders; cook food thoroughly and to the correct core temperature, clean hands and surfaces often, separate raw meats from ready-to-eat foods, chill, and cool foods quickly, and DON’T work when you are sick.

Before applying to be a new establishment or remodeling, contact the Health Department about plan review requirements.

If you would like to study prior to any food worker card test the WA State DOH food safety manual can be found here; https://www.foodworkercard.wa.gov/en-us/manual.

Call to report a foodborne illness

(509) 493-1558 or (509) 773-4565