Planning Department

The Klickitat County Planning Department is open M-F 8am to 5pm.
 We are following whatever Covid restrictions are in place

Under Canvas: 

Notice of Land Use Decision: Decision (PDF File)

Decision on the SEPA 2020-21 Appeal  SEPA Decision (PDF File)

Findings of fact, Conclusions of Law, Conditions of Approval and Decision: CUP2020-13 and RV2020-01 Decision (PDF File)

Under Canvas:  SEPA Appeal Hearing July 29, 2021
 UC Audio Link (file size 4.8 MB)
Zoom Audio & Video Link part 1 of 2 (file size 1.9 GB) 
Zoom Audio & Video part 2 of 2 (file size 1.82 GB)

Under Canvas:  Conditional Use Hearing July 30, 2021 
Zoom Recording Link  (file size 1.55 GB)
Audio Only FIle  (file size 209 MB)