Request to Reconvene

The Appellant or Assessor may request that the Board be reconvened when the following circumstances apply:
  • Real property within the county is revalued on an annual basis.
  • A timely appeal was pending before the Board when the subject property was revalued for an intervening year and the assessed value did not change;
  • No appeal was filed for the intervening year; and
  • A request for reconvening form is filed within 30 days of the Board's decision


John Doe filed an appeal to the 2012 assessment year/taxes payable in 2013 (notices mailed June 2012); appeal hearing has not been held when revaluations are mailed for the following assessment year (2013 assessment year/taxes payable in 2014).

Assessor sends revaluation notices (June 2013) for the 2013 assessment year/taxes payable in 2014 which resulted in no change in value. Appellant did not file an appeal.

BOE hears the 2012 assessment year appeal in October 2013 which results in BOE decision to lower the value. The Appellant or the Assessor can request that the Board reconvene to consider the 2013 value and must file a request for reconvening within 30 days of the Board decision (mailing postmark). A complete petition must be attached to your request to convene. View the Request for Reconvening (PDF).

Appeals must be mailed to the Board of Equalization at the below address:
Board of Equalization
205 South Columbus, Room 103
Goldendale, WA 98620