County Clerk


  • Filings will be accepted by mail and through the designated drop box located at the North end of the courthouse, at the bottom of the handicap ramp title "Clerk’s Office". No electronic filings. Please contact the Clerk’s Office by phone to arrange any in-person filing drop-offs outside of the courthouse.
  • Passport processing is currently suspended from our agency. Applications are available at 
  • All hearings are cancelled/continued until AFTER April 24th, 2020. Please see the Emergency Administrative Order(.pdf) issued by Judge Randy Krog for details on re-noting said affected hearings.
  • Emergency hearings will be decided as needed and parties will be contacted regarding telephonic appearance and will need to submit the telephonic request form located on the Superior Court page.

Statement of Purpose

The County Clerk's Office was originally established to provide the public with open access to a fair, accurate,and independently established record of the opinions, decisions, and judgments of the judiciary. By fulfilling this historic mission, the County Clerk helps to ensure the separation of powers among the three branches of government.

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  2. Payments
  3. Fee Schedule

Search for Court records online through the portal. Some documents available for viewing online, but not download. Please see ClerkEPass section regarding electronic copies.

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Primary Responsibility

It is the the Superior Court Clerk's Office responsibility to file and index all records filed for Klickitat County Superior Court.

These case types are filed in the Superior Court Clerk's Office:

  • Criminal felony cases
  • Civil (ncluding Protection Orders)
  • Domestic/Family 
  • Probate/Guardianship
  • Paternity/Adoption
  • Mental illness
  • Juvenile Dependency (also Children In Need of Services; At-Risk Youth; Truancy)
  • Judgments


For Copies and Filing
  • Klickitat County Court does NOT accept electronic filings at this time. All forms must come through either in-person or by postal service. 
  • To request electronic copies please use the ClerkEPass service. Further questions and help can be found here.