Mandatory Arbitration


PURPOSE.  The mandatory arbitration of civil actions under RCW 7.06 is to provide a simplified and economical procedure for obtaining the prompt and equitable resolution of disputes involving of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) or less. 

MATTERS SUBJECT TO ARBITRATION. By implementation of these mandatory arbitration rules under RCW 7.060.010, and such arbitrations in which no party asserts a claim in excess of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), exclusive of interest and costs under RCW 7.06.020. 

  • Rates per hour: Capped at 10 hours
  • Arbitrator/Atty. $116.10
  • Arbitrator/Retired Judge $69.66
  • The Court Administrator will supply the payment information and breakdown to the parties, upon receipt of Arbitrator’s request for compensation. 

To Apply to Become a Klickitat County Arbitrator:  Click here

To Schedule Mandatory Arbitration:

Statement of Arbitrability

Stipulation for Mandatory Arbitration

Stipulation to Arbitrator

Forms Used by the Arbitrator:

Arbitrator's Request for Compensation

Mandatory Arbitration Award

Mandatory Arbitration Settlement and Order of Removal from Program

Notice of Arbitration Hearing Date

Order of Continuance of Arbitration Hearing Date

Request for Trial De Novo and Sealing of Mandatory Arbitration Award