On-Call Geotechnical Services RFP

Klickitat County intends to set up one on-call, negotiated hourly rate, agreement for Geotechnical Services with companies that specialize in performing geotechnical peer review and geotechnical design. The geotechnical firm must have a strong ability to provide complete geotechnical services beginning at scoping and conceptual levels; have the ability to provide field exploration services through their company or appropriate sub-consultants. The firm must be able to perform non-destructive roadway subgrade/pavement analysis of existing paved and graveled County Roads and conduct peer review of development proposals and their impact on County Roads.

The professional capabilities of consultants, directly involved with geotechnical work, must include Professional Registration or licensure in the State of Washington, where appropriate, and a demonstrable expertise in the specialized areas necessary to accomplish the services required.  For these services, the consultant is expected to furnish all necessary field equipment, survey equipment, and other supporting equipment and consumables. Individual tasks may require the preparation of a draft report for review and then a final report.