Shorelines Master Program Update

Join The Conversation: Klickitat County Shoreline Master Program Comprehensive and Periodic Review                                                                                                        

Klickitat County is in the process of completing a comprehensive update of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP) and ensuring through a periodic review that recent State legislative changes are also included. The SMP is a comprehensive plan that guides the development, conservation, and restoration of Klickitat County's shoreline.

The purpose and scope of the 2022-2023 Comprehensive and Periodic Review is to:

  • Align the SMP with applicable state laws and guidelines in effect at the time of the review;
  • Assure consistency of the SMP with the Klickitat County Comprehensive Plan and development regulations; and
  • Provide existing clarifications to improve usability and predictability for applicants and reviewers.

LEARN MORE & ENGAGE!  Klickitat County has launched an Online Open House ( to share information about the SMP update process! Please explore this new online community resource and learn what a Shoreline Master Program is, why it is reviewed, and learn about the review process.

Other key features of the Online Open House include opportunities to:

  • Access project resources and documents,
  • Explore details of the proposed SMP when they are available for public review, and
  • Discover upcoming opportunities for you to join the review process.

Please visit the Online Open House regularly to view additionally posted updates that will occur before and after the public comment period in early 2023. These updates will include more information about proposed amendments and provide additional information on opportunities for you to ask project team members questions and submit comments. The County and consultant team will continue to provide engagement opportunities via virtual public information meetings.   Registration for these meetings can be made via the Online Open House website.

Time Line: Click Here

CONTACT INFORMATION! We encourage you to reach out to our team throughout the process, for questions please contact:  Mo-chi Lindblad, Planning Director at or (509) 773-5703

Current Documents:

SEPA Checklist SEPA2023 02 Shorelines Master Plan Update

DNS SEPA 2023 02 Shorelines Master Plan Update

Draft SMP 2 11 2023

Draft SMP appendix B 2 11 2023

SMP Proposed SED Maps

Draft SED Change Summary

PDF From Virtual public meeting February 2, 2023

Public Participation Plan 2022

Past Documents: