Daily Updates for a Plastics Free July

July 1st- Life Cycle of Plastic Bottles

What really happens to the plastic you throw away?

July 2nd- A Plastic Wave

A documentary film on plastic pollution that will show you the alarming issues we are facing.

July 3rd- Reduce Reuse Recycle

In Klickitat County we are going to be spending this next year really focusing on the concept of reducing our waste first, reusing waste to make it more useful and then recycling at the end of its life cycle.

Learn more about R-R-R through the Plastic’s Free July Campaign. 

Learn about options that the Environmental Protection Agency provides as a resource for everyone. 

Learn about Washington State programs such as 1-800-RECYCLE hotline and the Free Electronics recycling and so much more! 

July 6th- Plastic Wars

Frontline and NPR investigate the fight over the future of plastics. Knowing the current situation and where we are headed will help you understand the necessity of reducing plastic waste. Watch the Episode Here

July 7th- Plastic Free Kitchen Essentials

There are so many great products that can be used as alternatives to plastic. Being able to reuse a produce bag even just 10 days would save 9 plastic bags from sitting in the landfill for up to 1000 years each while they try to decompose. Imagine buying a reusable produce bag and using it for the month or for a year or a few years! One little step makes a big impact. Be a part of the solution and make a change even if you feel like it is small. The video below is a good resource and you can also go to the FoodPrint website for a ton of information.  

July 8th- Coffee Cups

Coffee cups are not recyclable. By bringing your own reusable coffee think of how many cups you will be saving from filling up the landfill! Check with your local coffee shop to see if they offer discounts for bringing your own coffee cup and if they dont maybe you could suggest it. Not only will it save them money on buying the cups but it will help our landfill from filling up with items that do not need to be there. 

Learn more about coffee cups and how you can make small changes that make a big impact.

July 9th- Types of Plastics and the Recycling Chart

The Plastics Facts website has some great information on the types of plastic and the products that can be found in each category. 

Plastics Chart

The American Chemistry Council has a great Plastics Resin Codes PDF that shows you what it starts out as and what it can be used as when recycled. 

At this time Klickitat County is only able to recycle plastics #1 and #2. That leaves a lot of plastics going to the landfill. In order to help combat this we must find ways to reduce our plastic waste in the first place. We challenge you to find an item in one of the categories of 3-7 that you can swap out for a more friendly alternative and let us know what you choose! 

July 10th- Type 1 Plastic "Pete" 

Click the image to open the PDF which has links for how to make your own mouthwash, salad dressing and peanut butter. 

Plastic Type 1 Pete


July 13th- Type 2 Plastic "HDPE"

Type 2 Plastics

July 14th Type 3 Plastic "PVC or V"

Type 3 Plastics

July 15th- Twelve Cheap and Easy Tips to Reduce Waste

July 16th- Zero Waste Swaps for Beginners and Advanced

July 17th- Paper Bottles in 2021

paper bottles in 2021

July 20th- Pet Care 

How to avoid or at least reduce your plastic consumption while caring for your pet can be achieved fairly easily. Plastics Free July "Pet Care" has some great information for you. plastic-free-july_Pets-245x240

July 21st- Bathroom Items

Have you ever looked around your bathroom and accounted for the plastic that can be found there? As part of the Plastics Free July, I did just that and was very surprised how accustomed to plastic I have become. To find out how to make some easy swaps to reduce your plastic visit the Plastics Free "Bathroom" page. 


July 22nd- Empty Clean and Dry

How empty is empty enough? How clean is clean enough? How dry is dry enough? Well Washington Department of Ecology has the answers for you here

Here is an example of one item and how to get it empty, clean, dry, and off to be recycled:  Tuna Can

July 23rd- Plastic Type 4 (LDPE)

Type 4 Plastic LDPE

July 24th- Type 5 Plastic (PP)

Type 5 Plastic PP

July 27th Plastic Type 6 Polystyrene

Type 6 Plastic

July 28th DIY Natural Bug Repellent

Reduce your plastic consumption by making DIY products such as these Pest Repellent ideas from Earth 911. 

DIY-recipes-bug-repel Opens in new window

July 29th- Type 7 Plastics "Other" 

Type 7 Plastics Opens in new window

July 30th- Tell Us 

Tell us what you did for Plastics Free July! Post on our Facebook Page (Klickitat County Solid Waste) or Email Me, the Recycling Coordinator. Thank you for keeping up with our daily updates. Every plastic that does not go to the landfill is a positive step in the right direction.