Protection Orders


The Anti-Harassment Order is a form of restraining order. Persons who are seriously alarmed, annoyed or harassed through a course of conduct which serves no legitimate purpose may file this petition. This must be more than a one time incident. The person filing doesn't need to have any relationship with the person harassing them. The judge can order any or all of the following:
  • Prohibit harassment and contact of any kind
  • Restrain the party from coming within a specific distance from the petitioner's workplace, school, residence, etc.


Forms are available at the District Court Administration Office. There is a filing fee.

Domestic Violence Protection Order

The Domestic Violence Protection Order is a protection order issued for parties that have been threatened by physical or threat of physical violence and there is a relationship of some sort like husband, wife, parent, child, etc.

Involvement of Children

If there are children in common involved, the parties should file in Superior Court as this will have to be transferred to Superior Court in Goldendale. The District Court does not have jurisdiction over children. The District Court also has no jurisdiction to remove someone from a shared residence.

Providing Your Address

There is no filing fee for this type of order. However, the Petitioner must have an address to have the Respondent served. The court can not provide this information and often would not even have this information and no way for the court to find this information. If there is no address, the Respondent can not be served and the order will not be valid until it is served.


Forms are available at the District Court Administration Office.