What information do I provide?

- Permit Application - A complete and legible application is required. Providing detailed, legible information when submitting your application will streamline the process.

- Vicinity Sketch - Draw a map of how to get to your property.  Include any notes about gates/gate codes/big dogs, etc in the "Notes" section.

- Site Plan - It will need to include the 10 items listed, if applicable and be as complete as possible.

- Structural Plans - 2 sets of drawings of the project, including foundation plan, floor plan and cross section.  Truss layout and specification sheets.

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1. How do I apply for a permit?
2. What information do I provide?
3. Will I need other permits, too?
4. How long will it take?
5. How much will the permit cost?
6. What inspections should I expect?
7. How about work on a Manufactured Home?
8. Are there any additional requirements for properties located in the National Scenic Area?