What information do I provide?

- Permit Application - A complete and legible application is required. Providing detailed, legible information when submitting your application will streamline the process.

- Site Plan - The upper grid of this form is a vicinity request . Draw a map so the Building Inspector can find the project location.  The lower grid of this form is the site plan.  It will need to include the 10 items listed, if applicable.

- Structural Plans - 2 sets of drawings of the project, including foundation plan, floor plan and cross section.  Truss layout and specification sheets.

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1. How do I apply for a permit?
2. What information do I provide?
3. Will I need other permits, too?
4. How long will it take?
5. How much will the permit cost?
6. What inspections should I expect?
7. How about work on a Manufactured Home?
8. Are there any additional requirements for properties located in the National Scenic Area?