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Changes in Senior Exemption Calculations

You may see a change in the value of senior exemption when you receive your tax bill this year. The Assessorís Office has improved the methodology for valuing land to give a higher weight on the first primary residence homesite based on market value rather than lot size.

This has resulted in over 200 parcels enrolled in the Senior Exemption program improving their percentage of exemption. While reviewing our Senior Exemption program, it was also discovered that some parcels enrolled in the Senior Exemption program were receiving an exemption on property that didn't qualify as part of their principal residence. WAC 458-161A-100 only allows a Senior Exemption for a single-family dwelling and up to one acre of land (with up to five acres allowed if zoning requires a larger parcel). A typical single-family dwelling in Klickitat County is one dwelling, one carport or garage, and one out building. Any additional land or improvements do not qualify for the senior exemption program and are considered taxable. After making these changes, we had 150 parcels enrolled in the senior exemption program receive less of an exemption. If you have any questions on the senior exemption program or any changes that may have occurred on your property, please feel to free to call our office. Release Date February 23, 2012

Date of Source Material: 2/23/2012
Source: Klickitat County Assessor


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