Jury Duty Information

Term of Service

   The Courts' days of operations (excluding Federal Holidays) are Mondays through Fridays. If seated or empaneled on a trial, jurors serve until the end of that trial.  Trials typically last 2 or 3 days.  However you will still be eligible for juror service in cases of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances to be called again within 2 weeks.  Should this happen the Jury Manager will call you and inform you when to report.

Call in Procedure
   The court uses a call in system with a recorded message to inform you if your service will be required.  Please call the following number after 5:00 PM the DAY BEFORE YOU ARE TO ATTEND and you will be advised when and where you need to report.  The call in number is 509-773-2396 or our TOLL FREE NUMBER is 1-877-877-8024.  

Jury Panel Selection RCW 2.36.080
   It is the policy of this state that all persons selected for jury service be selected at random from a fair cross section of the population of the area served by the court, and that all qualified citizens have the opportunity in accordance with chapter 135, Laws of 1979 ex. sess. to be considered for jury service in this state and have an obligation to serve as jurors when summoned for that purpose. 

Juror Qualifications
To qualify for jury duty, you must:
            Be a U.S. citizen
            Be 18 years of age or older
            Be a resident of Klickitat County
            Be able to communicate in the English language
            Not been convicted of a felony or if convicted, have your rights restored and
            be able to submit proof