Weed Control

One of the most serious and fastest growing problems in the West today is the spread and establishment of invasive non-native plants. If not eradicated or controlled, noxious weeds will jeopardize the health of our ecosystem.

To combat the spread of noxious weeds, Washington State passed a law in 1969 that mandates their control. In accordance with the law the Klickitat County Noxious Weed Control Board was activated by the Board of County Commissioners in April 1976.

The function of the weed board is to act as a local governing body administering Washington's weed law: Chapter 17.10 RCW. Our mission is to protect Klickitat County lands and natural resources from the degrading impact of noxious weeds.
  1. Assessment Information

    The state weed law (RCW 17.10.240) gives counties two options for funding local weed boards. One is an appropriation from the county general fund, and the other is through an assessment on land.

  2. Educational Publications

    View and download a variety of educational weed control documents.

  3. Klickitat County Weed List (PDF)

    View a list of noxious weeds found in Klickitat County.

  4. Newsletter & Weed of the Month

    View the Weed Control Newsletter

  5. Noxious Weed Control Board

    Learn more about the members, meeting times, and responsibilities of the Noxious Weed Control Board.

  6. Noxious Weed Information

    Find out where noxious weeds come from, what impact they have, how they spread, and more.

  7. Press Releases & Public Notices

    View press releases and notices from the Klickitat County Noxious Weed Control Board.

  8. State Weed Laws

    The State enacted RCW 17.10 Noxious Weeds - Control Boards, in 1969 to limit economic loss due to the presence and spread of noxious weeds. Revisions to the law were made in 1987. This weed law mandates the control of many weed species.