Motor Oil Recycling

What Kind of Oil Can Be Recycled?

Used motor oil, gear oil, and transmission oil in 5-gallon, or smaller, containers.

Where Can I Recycle Used Oil in Klickitat County?


What is Contaminated Oil?

Contaminated oil is oil mixed with water, anti-freeze, brake fluid or solvent. If you suspect your oil is contaminated keep it separated from oil you intend to recycle.

Oil from pre-1960 hydraulic equipment or oil that came from any type of electrical transformer may contain PCBs. Even small amounts of PCBs are considered hazardous waste.

What Can I Do With Contaminated Oil?

Transfer stations will accept contaminated oil.
  1. Label the container as contaminated. Like - Used Oil with Antifreeze or Used Oil with PCBs.
  2. Tell the attendant at the transfer station you have contaminated oil and they will accept it. This oil will be treated and disposed of properly. There is no charge for this service.