Bylaws & Policy Procedure

I. Statement of Purpose

The Klickitat County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) has been appointed by the Board of County Commissioners in accordance with Chapter 70.95 (165) RCW. The statute requires the SWAC to "assist in the development of solid waste handling programs and policies concerning solid waste handling and disposal, and review and comment on proposed rules, policies or ordinances prior to their adoption…" These bylaws will become a part of the county Solid Waste Plan by reference and will define the SWAC function and rules.

The committee has been appointed to review solid waste program issues and arrive at a cooperative point of consensus to recommend appropriate public policy to the legislative authority of the county in an advisory capacity.

II. Conduct of Meetings

  1. Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised. The parliamentary rules known as the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall apply to and govern the procedures of all meetings of the committee.
  2. Table of Motions in Order to Precedence. The listing of motions entitled Table of Motions in Order of Precedence, which is excerpted from the most current edition of Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be a guide to procedure at all meeting of the Committee, but in case of dispute, the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall prevail.
  3. Speakers Addressing the Chair. Any person wishing to address the Chair (e.g. a member of the committee, or the audience) shall first address the Chair and state name and representation, if any, and enter such information into the minutes.
  4. Conflict of Interest and Appearance of Fairness. Any member of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee who in his/her opinion has a personal interest in any matter(s) before the committee that would tend to prejudice his/her recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners shall indicate such interest. In the event of a conflict, he/she shall remove himself/herself from the proceedings until a vote is taken or consensus reached on the item.

III. Meetings

  1. Official Action. The committee shall adopt no recommendation, except in a meeting open to the public and then only at a meeting, the date of which public notice has been given by notifying press and radio in the county, and by such other reasonable means as may now or hereafter be provided.
  2. Regular Meeting. The committee shall hold at least two regular meetings, to be held not less than semi-annually. Such regular meetings shall be on the fourth Monday of the first and seventh month, at 6:30p.m., in the Klickitat County Commissioners’ Meeting Room.

    During active review of Solid and Hazardous Waste issues, the committee will meet on the fourth Monday of each month, at 6:30p.m, in the Klickitat County Commissioners’ Meeting Room.

    Press and radio in the county shall be given notification of such meetings at least one week prior to the time scheduled for such meetings.
  3. Special Meetings. The chairman, or in his/her absence the acting chairman, may call a Special Meeting for one or more specific purposes, provided that proper notice is given describing such purpose or purposes to the committee members and the media. The chairman, acting chairman or staff secretary, shall notify each committee member and the media in the county at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the time scheduled for the Special Meeting.
  4. Public Hearings. Public Hearings of the SWAC will be called by the Board of Commissioners for the purpose of public input on policy and planning decisions.
  5. Public Access. All meetings shall be open to the public. Provision shall be made for public comment at each meeting. Approved meeting minutes shall be available to the public on request. Meeting minutes shall be approved by a majority vote of committee members present.
  6. Quorum. A regular or special meeting, or a public hearing, shall be called to order only when 40% of the appointed committee members are in attendance by the announced time for such meeting. Should a quorum not be in attendance within a period of twenty minutes after the announced time for the meeting or public hearing, no meeting shall commence. The agenda published for the cancelled meeting shall be placed at the head of the agenda for the next regular meeting, special meeting or public hearing. If a meeting is opened with a quorum, action can be taken even if a quorum is lacking as a result of members excusing themselves under the Appearance of Fairness Doctrine. This allows action to be taken and prevents a minority vote group’s control by excusing themselves so that a vote cannot be taken.

IV. Chairman & Acting Chairman

  1. Chairman: Selection and Term of Office. The committee, by majority vote at the beginning of the first official meeting of each calendar year, shall select from its members one to act as chairman for the calendar year.
  2. Chairman: Duties. The chairman, or in his/her absence the acting chairman, shall preside at all meetings. The chairman shall have the authority to call for special meetings and shall be considered the titular head of the committee. The chairman shall represent, or select from the committee or staff a designee, to represent the committee at meetings of the County Commissioners and at other official or unofficial functions.
  3. Acting Chairman: Selection and Term of Office. The committee, by majority vote following election of a chairman, shall at the first official meeting of each calendar year, select by majority vote an acting chairman who shall assume the duties of chairman in the elected chairman’s absence. When both the chairman and acting chairman are absent, the committee shall elect by majority vote a temporary acting chairman who shall assume the duties of chairman until the return of the chairman or acting chairman.
  4. Removal of Chairman or Acting Chairman. The chairman or acting chairman may be removed at any time by the vote of the majority members of the committee, provided that such a vote shall be held at an official meeting and that within ten (10) days of such meeting, the committee shall present to the County Commissioners the minutes stating the cause or causes for such removal. The committee shall elect a replacement by the end of the official meeting following the official meeting at which the removal vote was held.

V. Secretary

  1. Selection. The Solid Waste Director or his/her designee shall act as secretary to the committee.
  2. Duties
    1. The secretary shall be responsible for notice to the press and radio of all meetings and public hearings.
    2. The secretary will mail to each member an agenda and copies of materials pertinent to the agenda, and materials requested by the chairman at least two (2) weeks prior to each regular meeting.
    3. The secretary shall furnish each member a copy of the minutes of the preceding meeting at least two (2) days prior to each regular meeting.
    4. When requested by the chairman, the secretary shall notify specific interested parties of meetings and public hearing, whose notice is not required by ordinance, statute or other requirement.
    5. The secretary, or their appointee, shall be responsible for recording and keeping the minutes of all official action of the committee.
    6. The secretary shall be the representative of the County Solid Waste Department staff and shall be the staff advisor to the committee.
    7. The secretary shall prepare or cause to be prepared special reports, information surveys, study projects or similar reports requested by the chairman.

VI. Membership & Terms

  1. Membership. The Solid Waste Advisory committee shall consist of a minimum of nine (9) members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. Four (4) members shall be appointed by each Commissioner. If possible, the mix of the members shall represent a balance of interest among the following groups:

    School District
    White Salmon
    Bickleton/Roosevelt Area
    Dallesport/Murdock Area
    Environmental Group
    Waste Management Industry
    General Public

    Members shall provide on-going public input, coordination and information exchange between groups.
  2. SWAC Member Alternates. Within 60 days of appointment each SWAC Member must submit the name of an alternate in the case of his/her absence. In order to appoint an alternate, each regular SWAC member shall send a letter to the Solid Waste Director stating name, address and home or work telephone number of the alternate. The Board of County Commissioners has the right to accept or reject the alternate. The alternate will get all mailings and notices that the member receives. The alternate may vote in the member’s place on all issues when the member is absent. When a regular member cannot attend, it is his/her responsibility to notify the alternate and the secretary.
  3. Ex-Officio Members. The Klickitat County Board of County Commissioners may appoint non-voting ex-officio members to the SWAC, who will serve at the Board’s discretion.
  4. Attendance. Members of the committee are needed to advise on matters of public policy formulation and their regular attendance is essential. Therefore the Board of County Commissioners may replace a member if three (3) consecutive meetings are missed.
  5. Terms of Members. Members of the committee shall serve a term of three (3) years or until their successor is appointed. The terms of office shall be staggered. Members may be reappointed to serve consecutive terms. In order to avoid major turnover in the committee membership, the terms are staggered.
  6. Vacancies. Vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the term of the vacant position in the manner described in the initial appointment.
  7. Compensation. Members of the committee shall serve without compensation. Meals, mileage and lodging will be paid for workshops and other related activities, subject to County Guidelines.

VII. Topics of Review

  1. County Solid Waste Plan. Formulation of the Plan, including recommendations, amendments and addenda to the Plan.
  2. Moderate Risk Waste Plan. Formulation of the Plan, including recommendations, amendments and addenda to the Plan.
  3. Legislative Proposals. Regulations proposed for adoption by the Board of Health, and by the Board of County Commissioners affecting solid waste management and related issues may be assigned to the committee for review and comment prior to their adoption.
  4. Recycling. Issues regarding recycling, collection and disposal recommendations.
  5. Other Issues. Additional questions pertaining to Klickitat County’s waste management program may be addressed to the committee by the Board of Commissioners as deemed appropriate.

VIII. Waiver of the Rules

Any of the rules or procedures may be waived or modified by the majority vote of the committee provided further that the reason therefore be included in each motion for waiver or modification.

The motion for the procedure to be waived or modified must be proposed at one meeting and voted on at the next regular session. The waiver or modification is subject to the applicable laws, resolutions, ordinances, and the County Commissioners.