District Court West

  1. Civil Cases

    District Court has jurisdiction to hear civil cases if the amount in controversy does not exceed $75,000.

  2. Court Payments

    All legal financial obligations are payable in full upon resolution of the case, unless otherwise ordered by the court.

  3. Criminal Cases

    District Courts have jurisdiction to hear violations of all misdemeanors or gross misdemeanors and violations of city ordinances.

  4. Infractions

    Minor traffic or motor vehicle offenses are decriminalized into a system of civil infractions.

  5. Name Change

    Any person desiring to change his or her name may file the action in the District Court of his or her residence.

  6. Protection Order

    Learn about the two different types of protection orders available from the District Court.

  7. Small Claims

    Small Claims limits the jurisdictional amount to cases less than $5,000.

  8. Weekly Dockets

    View court calendar information for traffic and criminal court.

Mitigation and Contested Hearings by Mail Form

Jury Information

Jury Questionnaire

Jury Trials are generally one day in length in West District Court. Juror's are called for a two week period and could possibly serve on two Jury Trials in that period of time.
Juror's will need to call the night before trail to know if trail will be held. 
Toll free number is 1 877-283-2561.