Interactive Mapping Program

Important Information

  • Internet Explorer 8 or earlier is no longer supported.
  • The USGS topographic map will no longer be available.
  • A new layer containing the line data for 20 foot contour intervals has been added to the map. It is located on the "Legend" tab at the bottom of the list. The 100 foot contour lines are labeled and will appear as you zoom into your area of interest.
There have been some alterations and enhancements made to the website. Please review the Help Documentation to familiarize yourself with the tools and functions. (This document will also be available by clicking on "Help" in the upper margin of the mapping program.)

If you can not see some functions as outlined in the Help Documentation, you may need to clear your browsing history. Please refer to your browser's help documentation for directions.

The "Online Maps" Icon is a direct link to the Interactive Mapping Program and is available on the Klickitat County Home Page or you can use the link here: Interactive Mapping Program