Request for Proposal/Qualifications

County Road Safety Plan:

Klickitat County is interested in finding a consultant to provide services to develop a Klickitat County Road Safety Plan. Road Safety Plans have been successfully used in comprehensively addressing safety for local agencies across the country. It has been shown that a detailed crash analysis can identify potential low cost countermeasures that, if implemented, can reduce the number of fatal and serious injury crashes occurring on county roadways.

The county road safety plan is designed to build on past efforts and on the foundation established by the Washington State Strategic Highway Safety Plan, Target Zero. The county road safety plan will provide a basis for implementation of safety measures throughout the entire unincorporated Klickitat County. The expected result of this process will be a document that identifies a range of proactive and reactive measures that will increase the overall road safety performance. These measures or countermeasures are not intended to be exclusively focused on physical improvement, but also polices and standards that can promote safety on the entire county road system.

The primary focus is to provide direction to the county in terms of prioritization of highway engineering safety needs within the county. However, whenever possible the plan should identify opportunities to educate and collaborate with other road safety stakeholders.

The professional capabilities of consultants, directly involved with work under this agreement, must include Professional Registration or Licensure in the State of Washington, where appropriate, and a demonstrable expertise in the specialized areas necessary to accomplish the services required. For these services, the consultant is expected to furnish all equipment and consumables necessary to accomplish the services required.

  • County Road Safety Plan (in pdf Adobe Acrobat format)
  • Proposals may be submitted as bound paper copies via mail or may be submitted by email, but must be received no later than 2:00 p.m. on September 22, 2017 (see County Road Safety Plan for further details).