FireWise Defensible Space & Waste Disposal

Reduce the amount of fuels around your home as a fire safety measure.


  • First, reduce the total amount of fuel available in the immediate vicinity of your home. This will accomplish two things.
    • An approaching wildfire will not be as hot and will be less likely to spread to the structure. It will also be easier to defend the structure in the event of a wildfire.
    • A fire originating in the immediate vicinity of your home will be easier to contain within the immediate area your home.
  • Second, remove ladder fuels which provide a path for a ground fire to climb from brush or accumulated debris into the tree tops.
  1. Disposal Options

    Find disposal options for various types of waste that you will be removing from your property.

  2. Examples of FireWise Recommendations

    View example photos of primary types of fuel to remove in order to protect your home.

  3. Zones

    When building defensible space around a structure, think in terms of zones.