Beverage Container Recycling for Events

The county has 15 portable recycling containers specifically designed for collecting beverage containers at public events.

Klickitat County is making the recycle bins available in an effort to make recycling at public events more convenient. There is no charge for use of the public event recycling bins. However, we do require three things from those who borrow the recycling bins:
  1. Bins and any unused ClearStream recycle bags must be returned in a timely manner.
  2. Bin frame and cover must be clean when returned.
  3. A $50 replacement fee will be assessed for each bin lost, stolen or damaged.

To request a beverage container for your event, download the Registration Form (PDF) and Setup Instructions (PDF). Call the Solid Waste Office at 509-773-4448 to reserve the dates for your event.

Here's What They Look Like...