1. 2017 Recycling Newsletter (PDF)

  2. Beverage Container Recycling for Events

    The county has 15 portable recycling containers specifically designed for collecting beverage containers at public events.

  3. Business Recycling

    Learn more about the government Business Curbside Recycling Service.

  4. Drop-Off Containers for Remote Communities

    Curbside recycling service is not the best alternative for many people in Klickitat County. In an effort to reach a greater number of people, and to make recycling in general more convenient, we have placed drop off recycling containers in communities located long distances from the transfer stations.

  5. Drop-Off Recycling Items

    View a list of additional recycling opportunities available on-site at transfer stations.

  6. E-Waste: Electronics Recycling

    Klickitat County residents can recycle E-Waste through the transfer station in Goldendale. E-Waste in this Washington State program is defined specifically as old televisions, desktop computer CPU cases, desktop computer monitors, laptop or portable computers and e-book readers.

  7. Recyclable Materials

    Find out what materials you should and should not recycle.

  8. Sign Up for Curbside Recycling

    Sign up for curbside recycling over the phone or online.