Miscellaneous Products


  • Use a metal charcoal starter (10 inches tall, Lighting Fluid hollow, metal cylinder with holes; has a handle).
  • No need for liquid starter.
  • Very effective. Lights briquettes in 15 minutes.
  • Find in supermarkets and hardware stores.


  • Buy solar-powered devices (like calculators and radios) and avoid using batteries.
  • Use rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries. They only hold a charge 1/3 as long as an alkaline, but they can be recharged approximately 1,000 times (saves money). Ni-cads are now sold with a life-time warranty (e.g. Millennium, Inc.). It's best to completely drain Ni-Cads before recharging.
  • If you must use alkaline batteries (typically for infrequent uses like smoke alarms) buy low- or no-mercury brands; recently available.
  • Change all batteries in a device at the same time. The weakest battery determines the power.
  • Concern is about the mercury, cadmium and silver in waste batteries getting into our water.

Spa Chemical

  • Buy a spa with an ozone generator purification system. Ask your spa supplier. Eliminates or reduces the need to handle toxic spa chemicals.

Swimming Pool

  • Consider a chlorine generator for your pool. Allows you to use and store a salt (inexpensive, non-toxic) instead of toxic chlorine pool chemicals. Good investment. Used by local junior colleges.
  • Ask your pool supply store. Investigate ozone generator purification systems.
  • Avoid copper-based algaecides.
  • Chlorine usually is adequate.