Solid Waste

Activities of the solid waste program are aimed at ensuring that solid waste materials are properly collected, stored, and disposed of in a manner that reduces the probability for disease transmission, nuisance, and environmental degradation. The "Minimum Functional Standards for Solid Waste Handling (Chapter 173-304 WAC)" and "Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (Chapter 173-351 WAC)" delineates permitting authority of solid waste handling facilities to local health departments. 

In meeting this responsibility, the Health Department works closely with the Klickitat County Solid Waste Department, Klickitat County Planning Department, and the Washington State Department of Ecology. Making solid waste responsibilities unique in Klickitat county is the presence of the Roosevelt Regional Landfill (one of the largest landfills in the western United States) and the largest waste tire pile in Washington. Specific program activities include:
  • Issuance of annual solid waste handling permits for five solid waste facilities (Roosevelt Regional Landfill, Goldendale Transfer Station, Dallesport Transfer Station, BZ Corners Transfer Station, and the closed Horsethief Landfill)
  • Compliance inspections of permitted facilities.
  • Plan reviews and construction oversight of annual construction of new cells at Roosevelt Regional Landfill
  • Ongoing review of compliance reports and submitted information from Roosevelt Regional Landfill.
  • Work in conjunction with code enforcement in response to solid waste complaints.
  • Waste reduction education for residents and businesses.
  • Curbside and drop site recycling free for all Klickitat County residential addresses in partnership with Republic Services.
  • Pick up and drop site recycling for businesses in Klickitat County.