Maternity Support Services

Maternity Support Services (MSS) is part of the First Steps prenatal program and is one of the many benefits of the Washington medical coupon for pregnant women. MSS offers health services during pregnancy and through babies' 1st birthday. Our MSS team is available to visit pregnant moms and new babies by phone, in home or in the office. 

Our MSS team includes:

Community Health Worker
Confirms eligibility, enrolls you into the program and explains the services and resources offered by MSS.

Provides counseling and education related to your prenatal and postpartum care, including:
• Family planning
• Prenatal and postpartum education groups
• Breastfeeding
• Changes in your body
• Physical discomforts
• Any health concerns that could affect you and your baby, such as gestational diabetes
• Helps you communicate with your doctor about your questions and concerns.
Lactation ConsultantAssists with breastfeeding by providing support and education to pregnant and new moms. 

Infant Case Manager
Provides support and guidance in the care of your new infant and the care of your family from the time your baby is 2-3 months old through his or her first birthday (for those who qualify). Helps you become self-sufficient in gaining access to medical, social, educational and other services you might need.

Contact our MSS team. 
Goldendale: 509-773-4565
White Salmon: 509-493-1558