Victim & Witness Services

The Victim-Witness Unit of the prosecutor's office assists victims of and witnesses to crimes committed throughout the county. The victim-witness staff will assist them through the criminal justice system attempting to alleviate their many concerns and anxieties.

Courtroom Tours

Courtroom tours are available by appointment to victims and witnesses of crimes. Contact Susan DePasquale to schedule a tour.

Protection Orders

When criminal charges are filed, a judge may issue a no contact order to prohibit or restrict the defendant's contact with victims. No contact orders can also be a condition of sentencing. Victims may also seek civil protection orders through the Court. Our staff can help you understand the protection order options and procedures. We can assist in obtaining protection order forms at no cost.

Victim Impact Statement

Washington judges consider the impact of crimes on victims when determining sentences. Victims can tell the judge about the physical, emotional, financial, and social impact of the crime verbally by appearing at the sentencing hearing, or by submitting a written statement. The Victim-Witness unit can assist crime victims by accompanying the victim to court, or provide the written statement to the judge.


Restitution is the monetary value of losses that the victim of a crime may have. These could be medical expenses, property or vehicle repairs or losses. When a offender pleads or is found guilty in court the judge may order Restitution to be paid to the victim. Restitution is paid and monitored through the Court, so it does not require any contact between victim and offender. If you have financial losses as a result of a crime, keep track of those losses and provide our office with bills or receipts to document restitution needs.

Victim Compensation

If you are hurt as a result of a violent crime, you may be eligible for compensation of medical or mental health expenses through the Washington State Crime Victims' Compensation Program. If the crime results in a loss of work or disability, you may be eligible for partial repayment of lost income or a pension. Family members of homicide victims may be eligible for mental health and funeral expenses. Compensation through this program is not available for stolen or damaged property.


The Victim/Witness Coordinator on a case will make every effort to contact the victim and witnesses of crimes should there be any change in hearing and trial dates or times. If you are a victim or witness please be sure to notify our office if your phone number or address changes.


In addition to the multiple services provided to victims and witnesses of crimes, there are services available to the general public. WASAVIN or Washington Statewide Automated Victim Information Notification program and the Sex Offender Watch Program are available