On-Site Septic Program

The goal of the on-site septic program is to ensure that the public is not exposed to disease causing organisms, nuisances, or other pollution resulting from improperly operating on-site sewage collection and disposal. Environmental Health staff is charged with numerous responsibilities to ensure our waters remain free of sewage.

Planning to build?

Step 1: Soil and Site Evaluation. The parameters established in these reports guide the designer, engineer, or homeowner in the design of a on-site septic system.

Step 2: System Design. In Klickitat County the homeowner is allowed to design their on-site septic system if the site evaluation allows for a simple gravity system. For other systems, a licensed designer or engineer must design the system. A design is required prior to issuance of a septic permit, and a septic permit is required prior to issuance of a building permit.

Step 3: Construction. If the system is a simple gravity system, the homeowner can install. If you are not comfortable with installation practices or if your system is NOT a gravity system, you may need to hire a licensed installer. 

Step 4: Inspection and As-Built Records. Once complete, you call for a final inspection. If everything is done, the system is finalized. Once finalized, whoever installed the system will need to submit an "as-built" record prior to occupancy of the structure.

If you are a licensed installer, designer, or engineer and do not see yourself listed and would like to be, please call the Health Department.