Prosecuting Attorney


We prosecute all felonies in Klickitat County and misdemeanors alleged to have occurred in the unincorporated areas of Klickitat County, advise and represent all of the County's elected officials and departments, provide legal advice to all county law enforcement agencies, establish and enforce child support obligations and provide victim and witness assistance services.

Criminal Matters

In criminal matters, we represent the interests of the people of the State by ensuring that offenders within the county are timely charged with crimes that accurately reflect the offending conduct, and further, by taking all steps necessary to ensure that the conduct is appropriately punished. We prosecute cases in the Superior Court located in Goldendale and the two District Courts located in Goldendale and White Salmon. We determine what charge to file, when and where to file it, how best to obtain a conviction, and we recommend a punishment if the offender is convicted.

Civil Division

In our civil division, we act as the law firm representing the County and its agencies. The civil division advises and represents all of the County's elected officials and departments on legal matters. The range of legal representation provided by the civil division is expansive and covers virtually every aspect of civil law.