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Shorelines Master Program Update:


Klickitat County Shorelines Master Plan Update:  July 2017 Progress Report

The first public Open House event was scheduled for February 2, 2017 but was postponed due to warnings of a probable evening ice storm and postponed to March 15, 2017.  Approximately forty-five people participated in the March 15th Open House.  The Watershed Company provided an overview of the Update process.  The presentation included a discussion of the rivers, streams and lakes that had been preliminarily identified as subject to Shoreline jurisdiction and a summary of the draft Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report.

Following the March 15th Open House, the County posted the draft Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report on the Planning Department’s website.  The Report is considered a working draft that may be revised as additional information is brought forward and reviewed for relevance to the Report.

A working draft of a Shoreline Restoration Plan was recently developed and posted to the Planning Department’s website in early June.  Comments on either the Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report or Restoration Plan may be submitted to the Planning Department at any time.

The Planning Commission has conducted three workshops.  On April 17, 2017 the Planning Commission reviewed the information that had been presented at the Open House and comments received at the Open House.   During the May 15, 2017 workshop the Planning Commission reviewed the first three chapters of the current Shoreline Plan for consistency with the Shoreline Management Act and Shoreline administrative rules in WAC 173-26.  They reviewed and discussed rivers, streams and lakes that have been preliminarily identified as being subject to the Shoreline Master Plan and shoreline environmental designations.  In addition, they reviewed a working draft matrix of use/modification activities.  At the June 19, 2017 workshop, the Planning Commission continued review/consideration of draft use/modification matrix that would render the SMP more user-friendly.  During the workshops, the Planning Commission has not made any decisions, substantive or otherwise, concerning a draft SMP to be the subject of formal public review/comment and eventual public hearing. 

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Klickitat County Shorelines Program Update:   Draft Analysis Report
Shorelines Program Update-Draft Analysis Repor
t:  Appendix A
 *Appendix B (there are 29 separate files or links)
 Appendix B-Link 1:  Preliminary Shorelines Jurisdiction
Appendix B-Link 2: Existing Shoreline Environmental Designations
Appendix B-Link 3: Current Land Use
Appendix B-Link 4: Zoning
Appendix B- Link 5: Land Ownership
Appendix B-Link 6: Undeveloped Land
Appendix B- Link 7: Shorelines Public Access and Recreation
Appendix B-Link 8: 
Impervious Surface Coverage
Appendix B- Link 9: Land Cover
Appendix B- Link 10: Floodplain and Floodway
Appendix B-Link 11:  Wetlands and Surface Water
Appendix B-Link 12: Water and Sewer Infrastructure
Appendix B-Link 13: Surficial Geology
Appendix B-Link 14: Soils (14)
Appendix B-Link 15: Soils (14B)
Appendix B-Link 16: Geological Hazards (15A)
Appendix B-Link 17: Geological Hazards (15B)
Appendix B- Link 18: Shoreline Modifications
Appendix B-Link 19: Water Quality
Appendix B-Link 20: Ecology Regulated Facilities
Appendix B-Link 21: Historic Places and Properties
Appendix B-Link 22: Transportation and Energy Infrastructure
Appendix B-Link 23: Regions of Priority Habitats and Species
Appendix B-Link 24: Occurrences of Priority Habitats and Species (22)
Appendix B-Link 25: Occurrences of Priority Habitat Species (22A)
Appendix B-Link 26: Distribution of Anadromous and Resident Fish
Appendix B-Link 27: Aquifers and Aquifer Recharge Areas
Appendix B-Link 28: Channel and Migration Zones
Appendix B-Link 29: Shoreline Reaches