Natural Resources

  1. Interactive Mapping

    There have been some alterations and enhancements made to the website. Please review the Help documentation to familiarize yourself with the tools and functions.

  2. Salmon Habitat Recovery

    The federal government listed several species of salmon as threatened or endangered. The State of Washington chose to establish a local framework to determine what actions would be taken to protect these species and their habitat, rather than leave the decision-making process to non-resident agencies.

  3. State, Federal & Local Coordination Plan

    The Klickitat County Land and Natural Resource Use Advisory Committee was established under chapter 2.76 of the Klickitat County Code. A basic function of the Advisory Committee was to monitor state and federal actions and advise the Board of County Commissioners.

  4. Underwood Conservation District Landowner Handbook

    View the Underwood Conservation District Landowner Handbook in PDF form.

  5. Watershed Planning

    Find planning documents for regional watersheds.

  6. Central Klickitat Conservation District

    Established in 1946, CKCD has a full and varied history of conservation in Klickitat County. Our ultimate goal has always been and continues to be cooperation with landowners to provide the most on the ground conservation for dollars spent. As conservation practices progress, we have adopted the new technologies to provide the best in conservation to our constituents.