Audits of Assessor's Office

  1. 2004 Department of Revenue Review

    Here are the results of the last official review of the Klickitat County Assessor's Office conducted in 2004 and given to the past administration on August 2, 2005.

  2. 2009 Department of Revenue Review

    The Department of Revenue reviewed Klickitat County to evaluate how successfully they were performing the duties associated with the Current Use Progam. This report contains the results of the Department's review of the Current Use Program in Klickitat County. This review was conducted in 2009 and released in August 2010.

  3. Personal Property Audits for Klickitat County

    Here are the results of the Department of Revenues annual audit for Personal Property Assessments in Klickitat County for 2009, 2010, and 2011. These are the results that were featured on the KATU news story recently.

  4. Real Property Study 2012 Sales for 2013

    To provide uniform taxation statewide, the Department of Revenue implements an annual study of property in each of the state's 39 counties. For this report the Klickitat Assessor meets the IAAO recommended range of assessment level, COD, PRD, and based on the weight of the overall evidence, the assessor appears to treat selling and non-selling properties similarly.

  5. Washington State Auditor Accountability Audit 2011

    The Washington State Auditor spend over a week in our office to determined whether the Assessor's complied with state laws and regulations and our own policies and procedures. Areas that were closely examined were exemptions, assessed value appeals, and personal property discovery.