Adult Probation Services

Mission Statement

Klickitat County District Court Probation Services maintains that the safety and protection of the citizens of Klickitat County and the acknowledgment of victims are paramount in the duties of this office. To that end, Probation Services provides a balanced approach to supervising Probation Clients by holding them accountable for their actions while providing referrals to treatment agencies for such issues as Domestic Violence, Anger Management and Drug/Alcohol Abuse. In order to decrease the jail population and offer eligible clients an opportunity to remain gainfully employed, alternative sentencing programs for the Courts are also provided. These programs include Pre-Trial Monitoring, Electronic Home Monitoring and Probation Work Crew.
  1. Community Resources

    View a directory of community treatment groups for domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, and other issues.

  2. Community Restitution

    Community Restitution is an alternative program designed to reduce jail overcrowding by providing offenders a work option to meet court obligations.

  3. Deferred Prosecution

    View a list of the conditions of deferred prosecution.

  4. "Drugs No More" Diversion Program

    Learn about the Drugs No More Diversion Program and how to apply.

  5. Electronic Home Monitoring

    View a list of the rules and costs associated with the Electronic Home Monitoring Program.

  6. Sex Offenders in Our Area

    Visit the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Website to search your area for registered sex offenders.