Records Request - All Divisions

Criminal Records for the following divisions:

          * Civil

           * Patrol

           * Jail

            * Sex Offenders

For copies of police reports and other public records requests, email   

or contact 509-773-4455

Documents and Forms for Public Records Requests

Effective September 15, 2023 the following fee schedule will apply to public requests received after that date.  This fee schedule was approved as Ordinance No 0112817 by the Klickitat County Board of County Commissioners on November 28, 2017.  KCSO has charged for paper copies since the ordinance was effective.  

In accordance with RCW 42.56.070 and Klickitat County Ordinance No 0112817 Title 23, Chapter 23.01 section (c) Payment for responsive records and delivery costs must be received before the records will be provided.  

Paper Copies                               $0.15   per page

Scanned Copies                              $0.10   per page

Records uploaded to email,            $0.05   per every 4 electronic files or attachments

Includes: cloud-based storage CD/DVD or flash drive

Digital Storage Media Devices        Actual Cost      

Includes: CD/DVD or flash drive

Envelope                                        $0.10   per envelope

Postage                                          Actual Cost

Transmission of record                    $0.10   per gigabyte                 

Includes: in electronic format

An invoice will be generated and sent to the requestor along with notification that the records are available.