Klickitat County is currently in Phase 2 of the Governor’s phased approach to the "Safe Start" plan. You can read more about the phased approach here.


There are 5 key metrics for determining when a county can move through phases; COVID-19 activity, testing, healthcare system readiness, case investigation and contact tracing, and the protection of populations at higher risk. You can read more about these metrics and see how our county is assessed here.

If you would like to read the County Variance Approval letter click HERE.


Klickitat County Reported Case Count

City / Town Positive Cases Recovered Deaths
Goldendale 40 29 2
Husum 1 1 0
White Salmon 5 4 1
Lyle 1 0 0
Bingen 6 5 0
Dallesport 2 1 0
Wishram 3 1 0
Klickitat 1 1 0
Trout Lake 1 1 0
Prosser 2 1 0
Roosevelt 3 2 0
Total 65 45 3
Age Range Case Count Deceased
0-19 10 0
20-29 9 0
30-39 10 0
40-49 8 0
50-59 7 0
60-69 12 0
70-79 5 1
80+ 4 2
Total 65 3

Last updated July 1st, 2020 @ 3:28 PM

On May 21st the Board of Health made the unanimous decision to move from "zones" to cities/towns regarding the location of positive cases. Negative cases and total tests are now being reported by providers, Local Health Jurisdictions, and labs to the Washing State Disease Reporting system, because of this the negative case count has been removed from our table. For more accurate and up-to-date information on the total tests, please refer to the WA State DOH Dashboard.

Klickitat County Health Department Services During the COVID-19 County Offices Closure

Environmental Health

  • The water labs will be open in both Goldendale and White Salmon Monday through Thursday starting 6/22 during normal business hours. Prior to dropping off water samples, you must still call the Health Department to receive information on the drop off process.
  • We are processing site evaluations, septic designs, and OSS permits related to new and existing building permits. 
  • All fees must be mailed in via check or paid via cash and placed in dropbox. No receipts will be given at the time of drop off but can be mailed or emailed upon request.

Family Planning

  • Most appointments can be completed via phone call.
  • All clients will be screened by phone when the appointment is confirmed. You must complete screening prior to in-person appointments.
  • If possible, only the client should enter the clinic, no support persons or children. If others must attend, they will need to complete screening questions at the same time as the client.


  • The majority of appointments can be done via phone call. Any appointments that must be done in person will complete screening questions prior to appointment.
  • New clients will need to complete screening questions prior to coming to the office for their card.

Birth Certificates/Death Certificates

  • Death Certificates requests need to be emailed or faxed. Staff will contact you when they are ready with instructions for pickup.
  • Birth Certificates: please call the office for instructions.
  • If the request is non-urgent, please mail in forms and payment and staff will mail the certificate to you.
  • If the request is urgent or time sensitive, please print form at home, fill out the form and drop it off in our dropbox along with a check or cash in an envelope. Staff will call you and let you know when the certificate is available to be picked up.


  • We will only be offering TDAP on an emergent case by case basis. Please call ahead and request a consultation with a nurse.