Authorized Firearms and Targets

  1. All firearms up to but not including 50 caliber BMG.
  2. No full automatic fire arms, except for Law Enforcement training sessions.
  3. No crank fire, bump fire, slide fire, or any mechanical device that simulates full auto fire. These are all prohibited on the Range.
  4. Pistols- no restrictions on caliber.
  5. Muzzle Loaders- no restrictions, but muzzle loaders may only be loaded at firing station (See ‘Other Restrictions’ in general rules).
  6. Shotguns- no restriction of gauge, only slugs can be used on the Range. The Chief Range Safety Officer may make exceptions during a special shoot.
  7. Ammunition - NO tracers, NO armor piercing and NO exploding ammunition.
  8. No loaded firearms will be allowed on the Range except on the firing line unless the shooter has a valid concealed carry permit for Washington State.    In which case the pistol must remain concealed and NOT be open carried.  The firearm cannot be taken out to shoot at the Range.  No open carry holsters shall be worn in the shooting building. The only exception are Law Enforcement Officers.
  9. It is preferred that all firearms must be cased, socked, or wrapped on Facility property except when on the firing line, in a gun locker or rack but actions must be open and flag placed in chamber.  Firearms may be carried in with actions open and barrel pointed up except break actions, which should be barrel down.  
  1. Only Range provided targets may be used.

Download an Adobe "pdf" copy of the Authorized Firearms and Targets